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Diplomatic fantasies at the Council on Foreign Relations

While the CFR prefers to be courteous with foreign guests, it let Shtayyeh’s appearance go to waste, by feeding him mostly softball questions.


Can Arabs and Israelis prosper together?

US President Donald Trump’s Middle East adviser Jared Kushner hailed the UAE-Israel pact as an “icebreaker.” He is right.

Camp David II

20 years since Camp David summit: There was harm in trying

But historic events are not only successes; failures can also be historic in marking a turning point, a watershed moment. And Camp David was just that.


What lies ahead for Israelis and Palestinians?

Reflections on the Camp David 2000 Summit and the 2020 ‘Deal of the Century.’


Trump replaces G7 coronavirus meeting at Camp David with video conference

The decision comes as nations around the world seal their borders and ban travel to stop the virus' spread.

Mahmoud Abbas (L), Jared Kushner (C) and Benjamin Netanyahu (R)

Senior White House official denies report of Trump summit with Arab leaders

A source in Washington said that Netanyahu will not attend the summit because it will make it harder for Arab leaders to join.

EGYPTIAN LEADER Anwar Sadat, US president Jimmy Carter and prime minister Menachem Begin meet at Cam

Egypt releases 1978 Camp David Accords calling for Palestinian autonomy

Some analysts believe that the document was published now, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Accords, as a poke in the eye of United States President Donald Trump.

YITZHAK RABIN, Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres in the movie ‘The Oslo Diaries,’ about the attempt to

Palestinian youths disrupt joint Palestine-Israel Conference on 25th anniversary of Oslo Accords

“The legacy of Oslo, whichever way you look at it, is to separate Israel and the Palestinians into two separate entities.”

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

White House considering Gulf summit

Gulf leaders last traveled to Camp David in 2015, when then-president Barack Obama wanted to secure their support for a nuclear deal he was concluding with Tehran and five other world powers.

Palestinian Authority education and the future of peace

The problem of the Palestinian approach toward reaching an agreement with Israel isn’t just a matter of the policies and actions of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority.

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