Move over, ChatGPT: Israeli start-up AI21 Labs' AI to cite sources

This addresses something that the AI21 team refers to as "the Achilles' heel of AI-generated text," which is a lack of sources and the chance of factual error.

An Israeli perspective on artificial intelligence in 2023

Israel is considered a leader in the commercialization of AI technology. Here are some firms working on AI research.

Will the ChatGPT AI chatbot make journalists obsolete?

Will AI teach my students far better than I could? Will my place be taken by AI algorithms? Will The Jerusalem Report be written by ChatGPT? 


Where will artificial intelligence take us in the future?

Israel has become a trailblazer in AI, as it did in hi-tech in previous decades, earning it the venerable title, “Start-up Nation.” 


Can ChatGPT AI chatbot spot early stages of Alzheimer's? - study

The ChatGPT AI chatbot has been praised for its detailed, articulate and humanlike responses to prompts and queries. Could it be used to notice early signs of Alzheimer's?

ChatGPT: What is the new free AI chatbot? - explainer

Released as a free prototype by OpenAI, which also made DALL-E, ChatGPT AI chatbot has taken the world by storm. Here is what we think you need to know.

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