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Brit mila

Does global anti-brit mila campaign contribute to antisemitism?

What is deemed as an attack on a fundamental ethic of Judaism can be construed as an assault on the Jewish people.

Rabbi Moshe Wiseberg, a "mohel", or ritual circumciser, holds baby after circumcising him in Israel

Rabbis mourn lack of tolerance in Sweden after anti-circumcision vote

Last week, the Swedish Center Party voted by a majority of 314-166 at its annual meeting to work to fight the non-medical circumcision of boys.

A Swedish political party says it will fight to ban circumcision

The Swedish Center Party voted 314-166 at its annual meeting to work to fight the nonmedical circumcision of boys.

Circumcision, brit mila, Jewish

WJC slams Swedish Center Party for promoting circumcision ban

The congress joined Sweden’s Jewish Central Council in speaking out against the party moving ahead in promoting a ban on circumcision.

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Holland’s circumcision pros are breaking the law, Health Ministry says

“It is not correct that anyone may perform circumcision because circumcision is a religious freedom or because they are proficient in it,” the spokesperson said.

Conference of European Rabbis’ Standing Committee meeting.

Rabbis to the rescue: the fight against Iceland’s circumcision ban

Conference of European Rabbis President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told The Jerusalem Post that his organization used a three-pronged approach to try to combat Iceland’s move.

US Jewish organizations urge Iceland to nix bill banning male circumcision

"If passed, the Icelandic measure would create insurmountable challenges for Jews and Muslims living there,”

PREPARING FOR a circumcision.

As I See It: The cutting edge of secular illiberalism

Echoing the bigotry of centuries, secularism has become the tyranny of the modern age.

A general view of Reykjavik, Iceland

Fundamentally Freund: Iceland's declaration of war on Judaism

Iceland’s authorities might as well hang a large sign in the arrivals terminal at Reykjavik airport saying, “No Jews or Muslims allowed.”

A general view of Reykjavik, Iceland

Church leaders blast Iceland’s anti-circumcision bill

This would make Jews and Muslims "criminals," bishop says.

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