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Colombia's president praises Israel for help in massive landmine clearing efforts

After Afghanistan, there are more anti-personnel mines in Colombia than any other country in the world.

Colombian Multinational Forces

Colombians arrive in Israel to learn how to clear land mines

One official characterized Israeli efforts in helping the mine-clearing efforts in Colombia as a “humanitarian civilian” action.

WILL ALL this be over now? Members of the 51st Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (

Can Israel and Palestine learn from Colombia?

The bottom line is that the road is twisted and belabored, full of fresh trauma and setbacks.

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How will Colombia's historic detente with rebels affect Jerusalem-Bogota ties?

Colombia was the only South American country that did not follow Brazil’s lead in 2010 and 2011 and recognize the Palestinian Authority as a Palestinian state.

Golden Globe

Colombian actress faces backlash over remarks on Hollywood Jews and the Oscars

The former Miss Colombia causes uproar over tweet using play on the similar-sounding Spanish words for an expletive slang term and 'Jewish.'

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How does a Narco-State work?

By David Allouche
Miss Universe

Colombian beauty wins Miss Universe in shadow of Israel-Lebanon photobomb controversy

A 22-year-old business student and model from Barranquilla, Colombia, was named Miss Universe on Sunday at the annual beauty pageant.

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