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 The Finance Committee meets in the Knesset, June 2021

Will Israel cancel the $75 VAT exemption for online shopping?

Israelis' exemption from VAT and customs charges which came with online purchases of under $75 may be nearing its end.

Employees, mostly veterans of military computing units, use keyboards working at a cyber hotline

ICE signs $30M contract with Israeli data-extraction company

According to data released by CBP, the agency searched the devices of more than 30,000 international travelers in 2017 – 10,000 more than the year prior.

HANANEL EVEN HEN and Shiran Habush celebrate during their corona-era wedding at an Efrat public park

Taking a look at two millennia of Jerusalem customs

Not only is Jerusalem mentioned some 850 times in the Bible and dozens of times in the siddur, our love for Jerusalem was also expressed in the form of laws and customs after the Destruction.

New Year 2012 celebrated throughout world

1 in 5 Israeli Jews celebrates New Year’s Eve

Secular Jews are somewhat more likely to mark New Year’s Eve, with 35% saying they celebrate on the date, whereas just 4% of national-religious, and 1% of haredi Israeli Jews say they do.

Illicit drugs seized at Ben-Gurion Airport, April 22, 2018

Israel thwarts record-breaking drug smuggling attempt

Customs Administration officials seized LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and more in packages mailed from Europe.

Haifa Port

נְמַל חֵיפָה זָכָה בַּמָקוֹם הָרִאשוֹן

Haifa Port won first place

German flag

Jerusalem, Berlin collaborate on green industry standards

One of the biggest achievements of the €900,000-twinning program was the Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry’s publication of a draft Integrated Environmental Licensing Law.

White Chocolate Lavender Pound Cake

Operation finds counterfeit and illegal pills stored in cake, underpants and socks

Authorities stopped a man at customs who had 3,400 anabolic steroid pills in his underpants; another was smuggling pills in a cake.

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