Fake economics professor cons victims out of 1000s of shekels

The man was also described as vengeful by those who did not comply with his schemes, as he would terrorize people who turned him down or found out about his lies.

Severe Impact of Pandemic on Dentists and Patients in the USA

More than 75% of dentists in America have a private practice, and their income is directly dependent on how many patients they treat.

El Al cargo flights grounded due to Airports Authority debt

This is the latest in a series of financial woes experienced by El Al in recent months; IAA's workers union threatened to shut down Israel's airports next week.

Hiring a Small Business Collection Agency for Unpaid Bills

Businesses of all sizes grapple with unpaid customer bills, and this problem intensifies with an economic slowdown. Not getting paid can hurt profit margins dearly.

A DEMONSTRATOR IN Beirut holds up a national flag as police use water cannon during a protest agains
Lebanon defaults on debt for first time ever

Despite the formation of a new government in January in an effort to remedy the Lebanese financial crisis, Beirut failed to make a $1.2 billion Eurobond payment due on Monday.

The Dark Side of Student Debt: What Your School Didn’t Teach You About Loans

If you’re in the 70% majority of US students who can’t afford college without borrowing, you know what it’s like to have a loan hanging over your head

Stacks of Israeli shekel notes [Illustrative]
Your Taxes: Israel Tax Authority’s view on debt versus equity

The Israel Tax Authority's circular on founders’ shares is important for multinational corporations with Israeli subsidiaries, among others.

Putin, Maduro discussed Venezuela's debt to Russia last week

Russia's finance ministry spokeswoman said earlier on Tuesday that Venezuela had made its latest scheduled debt repayment to Russia. She did not disclose the amount.

How Israeli households can overcome their personal debt

Recent figures show that Israelis take on more personal debt than any other nation

Israeli engineer stands in the new electrical substation near the West Bank city of Jenin
Israel electric company to begin cutting power to PA due to debts

The IEC will cut off the electricity supply to Palestinian villages in the West Bank, to put pressure on the PA to pay its 1.7 billion shekel electric bill.

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