Animal bones, ancient Romans' snack food found in Colosseum

New discoveries shed light on the later years of the Colosseum in Rome.


2,500-year-old Etruscan temple discovered in Vulci, Italy

The temple was discovered during the Vulci Cityscape Project which intended to learn about the settlement strategies and urban structures of the eponymous city,

Tunnel that may lead to Cleopatra's tomb found below an Egyptian temple

The temple of the discovery was dedicated to Osiris, who was worshipped by Greek leaders in Egypt around its construction between 280 and 270 BC.

17th century warship found at bottom of the ocean off Swedish coast

The warship, which goes by the name "Äpplet," dates back to the early 17th century and is the sister ship of "Vasa," a different Swedish warship.

Archaeologists may have found temple of Poseidon in Greek Samicum

Ancient texts describe a temple dedicated to the Samian Poseidon located near the ancient city of Samicum.

Hercules statue, approximately 2,000 years old, discovered in northern Greece

Researchers believe that the statue was adorned in a building dating to the late Byzantine period in the 8th or 9th century AD for buildings during the Byzantine period.

Mayan pot recovered from cave in Playa del Carmen

The vessel appeared to help "prepare chocolate and with ceramics" associated with the time period.

Researchers determine that fortress may be remains of lost city - study

Archaeologists identified structures that indicate that the site may have been used for military purposes, as well as a complex that may have been dedicated to the Zoroastrian goddess Anahita.

New dino species discovery may explain why the T-Rex had tiny arms - study

The newly-discovered dino, the Meraxes gigas, was another predator that had a large skull and short arms like the Tyrannosaurus rex.


What are Earth's mysterious miracles? Two studies shed light

The two studies described a new method of clustering types of minerals together or separating them into new species based on their origins.

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