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Seventh beached dolphin in Israel dies on shoreline this year

The dolphin was found by passerby's on the beach exhausted.

20th anniversary of the Dolphinarium Disco terror attack

20th anniversary of the infamous Dolphinarium Disco terror attack

Twenty-one people were killed in the attack, including one soldier and 20 civilians, most of whom were teenage girls.

Israeli shark & dolphin expert named National Geographic Emerging Explorer

Dr. Aviad Scheinen of the University of Haifa is the second Israeli researcher to gain the honor.


New dolphin sighted at Eilat harbor, sparking hope of a romance - watch

Nature lovers hope the dolphin is male so that he may pair with a female of his species also sighted in the area.

Dolphin attacked by shark near Israel, 2020

Dolphin attacked by shark in first recorded incident in Israel

"Since here in Israel we had not yet identified a single dolphin with scars, it had led us to think that there are no - or almost no - such attacks."

Dolphins spotted swimming near the coast of Netanya - WATCH

The sighting featured an estimated 8 individuals, including two calves. The school was seen playing amidst the waves.

Walt Conti, founder and CEO of Edge Innovations, uses a handheld controller to move an animatronic d

Dolphins in theme parks could be replaced by robot models one day

"The idea of this pilot is really to create a kind of "Sesame Street" under water."

Dolphin next to a dead friend

Mediterranean dolphin spotted off Haifa's coastline - WATCH

IMMRAC researchers noted that the particular dolphin spotted on Saturday was healthy and didn't present any signs of weakness or disease.


New study shows dolphins can learn to use tools

The scientists speculated that this behavior happens mostly when a shortage of food occurs.


Venice canals clear canals as Italians sit in quarantine

As coronavirus shuts more people into their homes, the canals of Venice have become still and lack their usual boat traffic.

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