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Israel's Netta arrives for the news conference after winning the Grand Final of Eurovision.

Eurovision 2019 facing mounting problems - and solutions

As rumors continue to fly over future of competition, MK Eitan Cabel proposes a bill to 'save' the contest and Kan says there is nothing to worry about.


Doctors: ministries, PM ‘do nothing’ to prevent addictive JUUL in Israel

In response, the Health Ministry said in a bill), electronic cigarettes can be declared equivalent to tobacco products so that all existing and new restrictions will apply.

Les députés Shelly Yachimovich et Limor Livnat

Tapes reveal Cabel-Yacimovich deal

Despite the broadcast of the tapes, both Cabel and Yacimovich continued to deny making a deal, as they have for weeks.

Eitan Cabel

Cabel calls urgent meeting of Knesset Economics Committee to discuss breach in IBA funding

Ignoring the financial needs of both the IBA and IBC will bring about the ruination of public broadcasting in Israel, and will result in a darkened television screen.

Labor MK Eitan Cabel

Cabel wants open primary in Labor

Labor leadership candidate says anyone should be able to vote in the upcoming primaries; no comment from Yacimovich.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
SAFED CHIEF Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

Cabel to A-G: Ban Eliyahu from running for chief rabbi

Labor MK says Safed chief rabbi has record of "preaching racism" against Israeli Arabs.

Opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich presents her red line, May 7, 2013

Coalition, opposition MKs attack Yacimovich for strict attendance rules

Opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich institutes a required attendance rule on policy and budget votes.

Labor party chairwoman Shelly Yacimovich

Yacimovich mulling speedy Labor race

Leader of the opposition says that leadership elections could be held in as little as three months.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
Shelly Yacimovich at the President's residence, January 31, 2013.

Cabel: Yacimovich making Labor Party a dictatorship

MK sends Labor leader letter accusing her of trying to make undemocratic changes to the party constitution that would give her unprecedented power.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
Red carpet laid out for opening of 19th Knesset

Real Israel: The Jewish homeland’s House

What makes the Knesset different from all other parliaments?

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