Elections 2022

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SUPREME COURT justices arrive for a hearing at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem last month.

Who is winning the legal wars right now, gov’t or opposition? - analysis

The legal wars between the government and the opposition are about as intense as they have ever been.

Balad banned from running in election, Central Election Committee rules

Two Arab parties had faced appeals on grounds for "supporting terror" and reportedly opposing Israel's definition as a Jewish state.

Israel's election campaigns need a change of tone - editorial

This election is very important because if it's inconclusive, the consequences can be dire.

Israel elections: Will Arab party split turn out more voters? - opinion

Many of Balad’s supporters, who had been undecided about whether to vote, have now woken up and proudly declare that they intend to participate and vote for their party. 


Lapid talked to the UN of peace - here are some ways to manifest it regionally - opinion

ENCOUNTERING PEACE: Were Lapid’s words in the UN empty words, or did they truly reflect what he believes? If yes, can they be translated into an effective plan.

What would an investigation reveal about ultra-orthodox schools in Israel? - opinion

If a change does not occur, Israel will not be able to continue to fund these vital systems and the burden will fall on the shoulders of working people, who will have to pay higher taxes.

House committee approves bill to disperse the Knesset, December 26th, 2018.

Israel Elections: Gantz gains at Netanyahu's expense in latest poll

Polls show Netanyahu's bloc weakening and Lapid and Gantz's block strengthening.

A sign on a Jerusalem bus proclaims, ‘The Likud is strength.’ Party candidate Ze’ev Elkin’s appeal i

Likud candidate for Knesset is accused of sexual assault

The complainant said she was a professional advisor to Hanoch Milvizky when he sexually assaulted her.


Netanyahu greeted with insults, jeers on visit to B'nei Brak

Locals boo'd Netanyahu and chanted insults, calling him a heretic in both modern Hebrew (kofer) and mishnaic Hebrew (apicorus).

Israel elections: New poll shows Netanyahu bloc earning 62 seats

Three separate polls showed the Netanyahu-led bloc earning between 60 to 62 seats.

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