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Silvana Tsegai

Asylum seeker called police before murder

Police are also searching for the murderer of a second teenage girl who had been missing since last Wednesday.

Refugees need protection

eritrea jews

Eritrean people never fled because of the war with Ethiopia

Eritrean asylum seekers in Israel and around the world didn’t flee our country because of war with Ethiopia; we Eritreans fled our beloved home because of the tyrant, Isaias Afewerki.

Eritrean migrants in Israel

Return to Eritrea is long overdue

I fully endorse the argument that Israel should not forcefully deport any person to a place that poses danger.

Police find stabbing victim lying in pool of blood on Finn Street in south Tel Aviv

Police find Eritrean stabbing victim lying in pool of blood in south TA

30-year-old man was evacuated in moderate condition to Ichilov Hospital

Sudanese and Eritrean immigrants protesting

Israeli Court: Flight from Eritrean army is basis for refugee status

Under the Refugee Convention, which Israel is a party to, persons who cannot return to their country of origin because of threat of persecution must be granted refugee status.

African migrants

The Fifth Column: Let’s not cast away our refugees and our heritage

Israel is creating an abomination, and over the next few weeks it plans to create a much-larger one.

African migrants sit at the Holot open detention center in the Negev in Southern Israe

UN urges Israel to find solutions for African migrants

The vast majority come from Eritrea and Sudan and many say they fled war and persecution as well as economic hardship.

Residents of south Tel Aviv protest against African migrants living in their neighbourhood

Netanyahu vows to ‘give back’ south Tel Aviv to Israelis

Residents accuse the prime minister of scapegoating African asylum-seekers.

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