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Palestinian Hamas militants take part in a memorial service for senior militant Mazen Fuqaha, in Gaz

Austria hands Hamas operative life sentence

Israel's Shin Bet aided the Austrian authorities supplying testimonies of co-conspirators.

Ismail Haniyeh

Gaza chief Haniyeh rises in the ranks to become Hamas chairman

Elections take place days after Hamas issues so-called 'softer' charter. Palestinian Authority official asks to see meaningful steps towards mending split.

WILL THE EU continue to stand with Israel against terror groups such as Hamas?

EU-Israeli relations: A new year, a new era?

Hopefully the Hezbollah and Hamas cases do not foretell the beginning of a new era in which EU-Israeli/Arab views on regional security further diverge.

Lebanon's Hezbollah scouts carry their parties flag while marching at the funeral of 3 Hezbollah men

Germany harbors 300 Hamas, 950 Hezbollah members and activists

It is unclear why Germany is harboring Hamas members. The EU classifies Hamas’s entire organization as a terrorist entity.

illegal Palestinian village

An obsession with Israel that even trumps national self-interest

Europe prioritizes our conflict over wars that are not only much bloodier, but also do far more harm to its own welfare.

European High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini

EU to appeal ruling that Hamas should be removed from terror list

An EU court ruled last month that Hamas should be removed from the terrorist list, saying the decision to include it was based on media reports, not considered analysis.


Frontlines Podcast: Is the EU soft on Hamas?

"Post"'s diplomatic reporter discusses European ruling to take Hamas off list of terror organizations; religious affairs reporter explains implications of Shas's loss of Yishai.

Federica Mogherini

EU: Decision on removal of Hamas from terror list is legal not political

Body led by EU foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini releases statement saying that the EU upholds the "Quartet principles," that bans engagement with Hamas until it forswears terrorism.

Federica Mogherini

EU to Israel: If you want to get along with us, make peace

Recognizing Palestinian state is not enough, says foreign policy chief Mogherini.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and German Chancellor Merkel

Netanyahu says Israel still committed to 2-state solution

Ahead of Merkel meeting, PM tells German daily he's "disappointed" in Berlin's vote on PA UN bid.

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