Expo 2020

UAE's first astronaut reveals he brought Israeli flag to space

The Emirati astronaut presented the same flag he took to space to delegates of the Israeli pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020.

Dubai: How Expo 2020's 162 robots were brought to life in under 6 months

The Dubai Expo would "go down in history as the first international event where different types of robots were used to enhance visitors' experience."


Access Israel brings ‘urban obstacle course’ to Dubai

The Israeli pavilion at the Expo 2020 offers the experience of being a disabled person in an urban environment.


Hanukkah candle-lighting held at Dubai’s EXPO 2020

The ceremony was held in the Israel Pavilion at EXPO 2020, the 182-day trade fair-style exhibition that has seen over two million visitors.

The Israeli movement aiming to fix the world

SOCIAL AFFAIRS: A dispatch from the UAE and Tikkun Olam Makers’ first-ever Global Innovation Challenge award ceremony.

Israel punches above its weight at the Dubai Airshow - opinion

The airshow was a tremendous success and shows that the Israel-UAE relationship is soaring.

Illustrative photo of a cyberattack.

Israel, UAE in joint drill of mega cyberattack on airline industry

The international disaster simulation held between seven countries is the first of its kind.

Expo 2020 is a stunning example of tolerance - opinion

With 192 countries participating, Expo is a striking example of what could be.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Seabreaker precision missile

Israeli company ‘Rafael’ to present at the Dubai Air Show 2021

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems hopes to showcase its aerial defense systems, as well as its satellite intelligence and communications systems, at this year’s Dubai air show.

Are the PA and UAE on the path to reconciliation?

Palestinian Authority General Intelligence Service head Maged Faraj to Dubai has sparked speculation that the UAE and PA may be mending fences.

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