Eye Diseases

Can this eye-disease drug help stop COVID-19? New study thinks so

The FDA-approved drug Verteporfin may be able to stop the replication of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, by blocking YAP activity and allowing the Hippo pathway to work.


Blinding parasite possibly found in the Kinneret

At least 29 patients have been hospitalized due to corneal lesions characteristic of infection with the Microsporidia parasite.


Everything you need to know to preserve your vision at age 50

Many people don't pay enough attention to the health of their eyes. From age 50, vision begins to deteriorate in most people, and it's crucial to rule out retinal degeneration.

By Dr. Shiri Shulman/Walla!

Here's what you should and shouldn't do when you have a stye in your eye

A stye isn't something bad. It's not contagious or dangerous, not even terribly painful and yet, it can drive you crazy. Here’s how to handle this common condition, and when you should see a doctor.

By Dr. Liora Berzag Peru/Walla!

Wear contact lenses? You could face vision loss - Israeli study

What can contact lenses do for you, how are they risky, and when should you stop wearing them? Israeli researchers examine the popular glasses replacement.

Precise Bio partners with ZEISS to develop bio-printed cornea implants

These bio-printed eye tissues would be used for transplants to treat vision correction and corneal diseases such as keratoconus.

A new era in the treatment of eye diseases

Eximore reduces the risk of vision loss and improves patient outcomes for various ophthalmic conditions.


Are your eyes constantly dry? This may help

Sometimes it feels like a grain of sand stuck in the eye, sometimes the eye feels like a squeaky windshield, and sometimes it's just unbearable dryness.


Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to rare cases of eye inflammation - study

Twenty-one people developed anterior uveitis and two developed Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome (MEWDS).

Israeli firm EyeYon Medical tech receives expedited approval process

The device is the first ophthalmic device in the world to have received both China's innovative device designation and the US FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation.

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