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Netanyahu says 1,000 more Falash Mura to be allowed to immigrate to Israel

The Falash Mura do not have the right to citizenship under the Law of Return since their ancestors converted under duress to Christianity, and are instead granted citizenship under the Law of Entry.

Ministerial committee delays decision on Falash Mura again

This is the third time this year a decision on the issue has been postponed.

"If I'm Jewish, my brother is too" poster from the Campaign for the Aliya of Ethiopia's Remaining Je

Activists to demonstrate for Ethiopia's remaining Jews outside Deri's home

Activists and Ethiopian olim whose family members are still in Ethiopia, waiting to come to Israel, will protest outsider Interior Minister Aryeh Deri's home beginning Tuesday evening.

 A demolished house in the unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Arakib, few days after all the houses

Flip-flop nation: Jerusalem's endless 'crisis management' policy

Prime minister Netanyahu's sudden cancellation of the asylum seekers deal is the latest in a long series of reversals.

Feeding children

Why aren’t we feeding hungry children?

I can’t stop thinking think about the kids who attended my bar mitzva, laughing and sharing candy with me. They who were not covered by the medical program because there was not enough money.

Israel Africa

From Ethiopia to Israel, and back again

Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia Belaynesh Zevadia talks to the "Magazine" about the unprecedented relationship between the Jewish state and the country known as the "gateway to Africa."

Israelis of Ethiopian descent take part in a protest in Jerusalem calling on gov't to bring the rema

Israel flying emissaries out of Gondar amid ethnic violence

Latest reports reflect that the Jewish Agency emissaries are safe and sound in the Gondar airport, waiting for flight out.

Rosh Hashana

A New Year’s wish: Thriving, not just surviving

In this new Jewish year, I wish everyone the kind of luck I had last summer. Not to plunge into any abyss, of course, metaphoric or real. But if you fall, be lucky enough to fall well.

By Gil Stern Stern TROY

The secret Jews of Ethiopia

Jews of Kechene, Ethiopia pretend to be Christians as they secretly practice Judaism in remote synagogues.

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