Did World War II bring humanity peace, or are we back at square 1?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: 75 years on, the tools of the worst violence in human history are largely obsolete, but the mindset that underpinned it is alive and well

Israel Police close off a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa to protesters, June 17, 2020
Ehud Olmert to 'Post': Israel is becoming a fascist country

At some point, after an incubation period, the buds of fascism begin to sprout and push forth from within the soil. We are well beyond the incubation period.

Italian judge orders seizure of Hezbollah-linked neo-fascist CasaPound HQ

One recording from a group meeting in 2013 caught a speaker proposing “to beat and rape a student whose only ‘guilt’ is to be Jewish,” stated the news site leggo.it.

Hundreds protest against ban of Thai opposition party despite coronavirus

The ban strengthens the position in parliament of a coalition led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, the former junta leader who first took power in a 2014 coup.

Hebrew University students protest lecturer who reprimanded Im Tirzu activist while she was wearing
Hebrew University will give credit for 'right-wing activism'

"Im Tirzu is an extremist right-wing movement," said MK Nitzan Horowitz. The organization says it focuses on social activities for the needy, elderly and disadvantaged in Jerusalem.

THEN-PRIME MINISTER Ariel Sharon in 2002 in Tel Aviv sits under a picture of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a key
Exploring, debunking ‘Hebrew fascism’

Historian Dan Tamir uncovers controversial trends in the pre-state era, but exonerates Jabotinsky.

white supremacists neo-nazis
Plot to form a new Nazi party foiled by Italian police

The group had forged links with extremist groups abroad, including in Portugal, Britain and France, police said.

A public bus is seen in downtown Rome, Italy
Rome to rename streets dedicated to antisemitic scientists

The streets will instead be named after scholars who opposed the fascist regime and were persecuted by it, including two Jewish scientists.

Bucharest deputy mayor wants to erect statue of WWII fascist leader

His comments come following a decision by the city in February to change the designated spot for a Holocaust museum from a place in the heart of Bucharest to a more remote location.

Italian university dedicates garden to Jewish professor expelled in 1938

Enzo Bonaventura then emigrated to Jerusalem and was killed in one of the Arab attacks against the special convoys directed to Mount Scopus in 1948.

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