glick caroline

Employees work at the offices of "Breaking the Silence" in Tel Aviv, Israel

Column One: The PLO’s most powerful lobbyists

When they lobby for the PLO and against moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem they cross the line into gross insubordination.

The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference

Speakers and highlights from this year's JPost Conference

The Jerusalem Post Conference 2017 is officially up and going. Here is a full list of the speakers and panels you shouldn't miss out on.

President Donald Trump (R) greets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a joint news.

Column one: Israel’s silenced majority

All previous attempts to reach a deal by extracting concessions from Israel did nothing but weaken Israel.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Column One: The rise of the networked Left

The riots against Murray and Yiannopoulis alerted non-Jewish Americans to the intellectual and moral decay of their campuses.

US labor secretary Tom Perez

Perez, Ellison and the meaning of antisemitism

The Democrats are in a dangerous place for themselves, for the US and for the American Jewish community.


February 26, 2017: Selecting judges

With regard to “Right wins historic fight over judges for Supreme Court”...


February 23, 2017: Hailing Haley

Credit should be given to the American president for selecting such a forceful and correct-thinking individual to express his positive views of Israel.

Trump Putin

Column one: The Trump way of war

Unlike his predecessors, Trump is serious about winning. To do so, he is even willing to take the radical step of accepting Israel as an ally.

Hebron shooter

Column one: The IDF’s new social contract

A pardon for Azaria would go some way toward repairing the damage the General Staff has done to its relationship with the public.

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