graphic novel

Italian Holocaust graphic novel trilogy debuts final installment

Casa Prima del Buio's emphasis on characters and their experience in the world literally and figuratively binds history, character and art together within the pages of the graphic novel.


Yuval Noah Harari's 'Sapiens' to be adapted into graphic novel

The adaptation, entitled 'Sapiens: A Graphic History,' will be available in October.

The word 'El' emerged from the first four words of the Torah

Digital images encoded in Torah revealed for the first time

Converting the gematria values of the Torah's text into binary reveals pixillated illustrations of the Biblical story.

 Jessica Tamar Deutsch’s “Illustrated Pirkei Avot: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Ethics

For one author, Pirkei Avot is both a sefer and a coloring book

The Ethics of the Fathers gets a new colorful look as a graphic novel.

A graphic Haggadah

“The vast majority of secular Jews in Israel attend a Seder every year, as do a huge percentage of Diaspora Jews who maintain none of our traditions.”

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