39 new sea creatures potentially discovered by scientists - study

They include types of sponges, starfish and coral, discovered between Hawaii and Mexico.

Former US Marine accused of plotting mass murder at NY synagogue

Matthew Balenger, a former US Marine, was allegedly plotting a mass murder at an unnamed Long Island Synagogue.

Authorities can't find Ezra Miller; star taunts: 'You cannot touch me'

Miller has been accused of grooming an 18-year-old girl with a "cult-like mentality."

On This Day: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, thrusting US into WWII

The infamous Japanese surprise attack on the US naval base in Hawaii 80 years ago became immortalized as a "day which will live in infamy."


Cava Group international holiday packages open the world

A private Cava Group tourism push puts exotic locations such as the Caribbean, Tanzania, Hawaii and more within reach.

Netanyahu dines with state's witness against him in Hawaii

Netanyahu and Ellison were seen eating together at Nobu Lanai, a very expensive restaurant on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.


Hawaii: A place for healing from loss, grief - opinion

From the moment we arrived I felt enveloped by an all-encompassing, soothing and healing atmosphere that allowed me to take my broken pieces and start gluing them back together.

Jewish surfer Makua Rothman may have ridden largest wave in history -watch

The final estimate of the wave’s height will be announced at the annual XXL surfing awards, which Rothman told a local news channel should occur in May.

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