From head to toe: Origin of expressions about body parts

There are scores of idioms and expressions that relate to parts of the body. So let’s eyeball the situation and get to the heart of the matter.


What does a heart attack feel like? The signs that everyone must know

Heart attacks can have different symptoms, and in any case of an abnormal feeling, it is important to get checked.

By Walla!

Too much salt can change the way you behave- study

New research highlights the effects of salt beyond physical health. Too much can change behavior, specifically amplifying stress.

What happens in your body when you have a heart attack?

Treatments for heart disease are improving, with only 5% of patients today needing surgery compared to 75% years ago.


Enjoy energy drinks? They can cause heart problems 90 minutes after drinking

Some of us have already made energy drinks a part of our regular morning routine, but this isn't necessarily more effective than coffee.

By Walla!

3 hikers hospitalized after eating poisonous mushrooms in Israel

One is in critical condition. According to doctors, it is difficult to estimate his chances of recovery; “We don't have much experience in Israel with mushroom poisoning,” they said.

By Walla!

Smart stethoscope diagnosing heart issues wins Tel Aviv start-up contest

Swedish firm Acorai was one of 64 start-ups to take part in the competition in Tel Aviv featuring medical innovation start-ups from around the world.

Virtual image of human heart

ECG, AI can predict if you'll die of heart failure - Israeli, US study

With the help of a simple ECG test and artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify candidates for heart failure and even predict mortality.

A glimpse into the future technologies of cardiology

The most recent and futuristic technological developments in the field will be presented at the Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) conference next month in Tel Aviv.

Is Mario Kart the most stressful video game? - study

Following Mario Kart, the games that increased average heart rates the most were FIFA Football, Call of Duty, Dark Souls and Fortnite.

By Sam Halpern
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