Israel looks to reverse Disengagement in northern Samaria

The new government had agreed in its coalition agreements to authorize the Homesh yeshiva, which had struggled to remain at the site for over 17 years, by studying in modular tents on the hilltop.

State affirms Homesh yeshiva demolition to court, but doesn't set date

The illegal West Bank Homesh yeshiva is all that remains of the settlement that had been located on that hilltop, but which the government destroyed in 2005.

Court backs settler evacuation on Homesh, upholds Palestinian rights

The court didn’t directly order the evacuation, but it accepted the state’s declaration of intent to evacuate the small illegallybuilt modular seminary.

Homesh will be evacuated but not now, Gantz says

"We will not evacuate a place where a Jew was murdered because that sends a harmful security message," Israel's defense minister said.

Police, left-wing activists clash over illegal Homesh march

Left-wing NGO Peace Now threatened it will knock the Homesh settlement down if the government does not enforce a law that forbids settlement.

Knesset to vote on repealing Disengagement Law that makes Homesh illegal

The Disengagement Law passed in 2005, leading to the evacuation of Gush Katif and four Jewish settlements in northern Samaria.

Right-wing MKs visit Homesh ahead of Knesset vote to repeal disengagement

MKs who visited Homesh claimed that rebuilding four destroyed settlements in Samaria would send a strong message against terrorism.

Homesh, Evyatar must be coalition red lines - right-wing politicians

They spoke out amid a government crisis, in which Silman’s resignation from the coalition has brought its membership down from 61 to 60, in a 120-member parliament.

Israelis march to West Bank's Homesh, amid tensions with Palestinians

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said that "the thousands who came here today, did so to give a message to the government. Don't touch Homesh." 

IDF mapped out West Bank Homesh yeshiva for demolition, politicians warn

Settlers canceled a meeting with Gantz over the outpost razing and are planning a freeze.

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