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Italian comic Dago meets famous female Jewish Renaissance figure

Created in 1980 by Robin Wood, Dago has been one of the pillars of the weekly Lanciostory since 1983 and one of the best-known comic characters in Italy.

Portugal nixes citizenship amendments after pressure from Jewish groups

Over a hundred thousand Jews, mainly from Turkey and Israel applied for citizenship through this policy, out of which, about 20 thousand have so far received a Portuguese Passport, according to Ynet.

General view shows the Portuguese parliament during a debate.

Portugal declares official commemoration day for inquisition of Jews

“Hopefully, this day will create greater awareness of this dark chapter of Jewish and Portuguese history, which still casts a giant shadow across the world."

Dani Rotstein and the Majorca Jewish community celebrate Hanukah in December 2018.

Reviving Jewish life on the paradise island of Majorca

There was a Jewish presence on Majorca from 418 CE, but prior to and during the Spanish Inquisition the community were forced to convert to Christianity.

 Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism Ana Mendes Godinho

Citizenship for Sephardic Jews ‘connects past, present and future'

While only about 1,000 Jews live in Portugal today, some 26,000 people claiming Portuguese heritage have applied for citizenship.

A painting by Moshe Maimon

Portuguese Parliament approves memorial for victims of Inquisition

Eighty percent of the cases were those of Jews, the most prosecuted minority in the Inquisition.

Tourists pay a visit to Toledo’s 12th-century synagogue, Santa Maria La Blanca, in central Spain.

A Spanish odyssey: Digging up Sephardi roots

Almost two years on, it’s time to examine a much-talked-about law meant to right a historical wrong for exiled Sephardim and offer them Spanish citizenship.

Spanish passport

Spain grants citizenship to 220 Sephardi Jews

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar was granted honorary citizenship in recognition of his work with descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain during Spanish Inquisition

Ashley Perry

MKs launch Knesset lobby for Sefardic Jews forcibly converted to Christianity

According to lobby founders, increasing numbers of descendants of Jews around the world have become interested in exploring their heritage, reconnecting with the Jewish people.

Inquisition and the auto-de-fa

A Knesset conference on reconnecting with the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews

"The forced conversions of Jews which took place on the Iberian Peninsula from the 14th century onwards left an indelible mark on Jewish history."

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