INTERPOL operation rescues hundreds of victims of human trafficking

"As law enforcement officers it is our duty to combat human trafficking, especially when children are involved.”

PA seeks extradition of more than 100 ‘thieves’ accused of corruption

Abbas revealed that a Palestinian suspect was served with an Interpol “red notice” a few days ago. However, he did not mention the name of the suspect.

Meng Hongwei
Do China's actions leave Interpol open to abuse by Palestinians?

The arrest of Hongwei may mean that if the issue of arresting Israelis come up, there may be fewer officials at the top ready to risk their own necks to give Israel a fair shake.

Precedent decision: court orders blocking 31 pedophile material websites

A statement from the Justice Ministry said that blocking the websites was part of implementing the goals of new September 2017 legislation designed to protect children.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble attends a news conference at the Interpol headquarters.
Ex-Interpol chief: Argentina's Fernandez didn't try to clear Iranian bombers

Former Interpol chief Ronald Noble wants to testify that the government of former President Cristina Fernandez did not ask to have the arrest warrants lifted as part of a "memorandum" with Iran.

Who will try to arrest Israelis first, ICC or Interpol?

At first glance, it seems that Interpol is a greater threat, but the Hague has already initiated a war crimes probe and is not about to drop it.

The Inside Story: Did Russia play the US on the Palestinian Interpol bid?

Members of Congress are beginning to demand answers as to why the US appears to have been played.

donald trump mahmoud abbas
WATCH: Head of PLO delegation to US lashes out at Israeli PM

Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to punish the Palestinians for their recent admission to Interpol by creating a plan to shut down the Palestinian diplomatic office.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a cabinet meeting
When Interpol clashes with the 'Bibi doctrine'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks widely about Israel’s vastly improved global position. Then Interpol votes to admit ‘Palestine’ as a member state. Is this reconcilable?

Sabotaging peace

Palestinian diplomatic efforts may seek to undermine talks with Israel.

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