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iran attack

Iran says it killed the mastermind of the Tehran attacks

41 arrested in connection to twin attacks claimed by ISIS.

 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Who opposes the Iranian regime and why?

Some of these groups are ethnic or religious based and have opposed the regime for decades.

Iranian President

Iranian official: Severing ties with Qatar not a solution to crisis

Iranian authorities have criticized a rising alliance between Washington and Riyadh against Tehran.

Iran missile

Iran tests missile systems, defying US sanctions

The aim of the military exercise in Semnan province was to "showcase the power of Iran's revolution and to dismiss the sanctions."

A man holds up a sign as he and several thousand other protestors demonstrate during a rally

Report: 12 members of nuclear negotiating team arrested by Iran for espionage

Government controlled media in Iran did not comment or acknowledge the arrests but Arab media outlets have been covering the story quite extensively.

Iranian ship Suez canal

US military ship changes course after Iran vessel confrontation

It was at least the fourth such incident in less than a month. US officials are concerned that these actions by Iran could lead to mistakes.

Thousand of Basij soldiers stage mock seige of Temple Mount in Iran

Revolutionary Guards commander demands that Iran annex Bahrain

General Qasemi, a crony of Iran's supreme leader, urged the annexation of Bahrain to Iran, explaining that "Bahrain is an Iranian province that was detached from Iran due to the colonialism."

Jason Rezaian

Iran prepares fateful verdict on Jason Rezaian

Rezaian, Tehran bureau chief for the Washington Post, was detained on July 22, 2014 and imprisoned for nine months without charges.

Iran Khamenei

Khamenei calls Iran's ambition for nuclear weapons a 'myth'

"They created the myth of nuclear weapons so they could say the Islamic Republic is a source of threat. No, the source of threat is America itself."

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