Iran nuclear

IAEA chief worried Israel could strike Iran nuclear facilities

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said Iran closed its nuclear facilities on Sunday over "security considerations" and that while they reopened on Monday.


Former Trump advisor Bolton: Opportunity for Israel to destroy Iran nuclear program

The former advisor’s stance sheds light on the increasing skepticism about the effectiveness of ongoing diplomatic negotiations with Iran.

Netanyahu, Gallant, IDF chief Halevi cannot be trusted, must all be ousted

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's irrational focus on Gaza over larger existential threats is leading the nation toward destruction.


US urges Iran to dilute all its near-weapons-grade uranium

It is not clear why Iran down-blended the material. It denies seeking nuclear weapons and says it has the right to enrich to high levels for civil purposes.


What game is Iran playing, slowing down its nuclear program?

On Monday, the IAEA reported that Iran had reduced its stockpile of 60 percent enriched uranium by 6.8 kilograms (kg), after having grown this stockpile almost continuously since early 2021.

Iran closer than ever to weaponizing uranium, building nuclear bomb

Moreover, using its remaining stock of enriched uranium, the country could have in total enough weapon-grade uranium for six weapons in one month.

Iran has almost enough uranium for nuclear bomb, US expert reports

American physicist David Albright stated that “Iran could also immediately start preparatory work on transforming the weapon-grade uranium into nuclear weapon components.

Is the IAEA losing patience with Iran? Nuclear chief laments lack of cooperation

"The Iranians are accumulating [uranium]. They say it's for civilian purposes, but we haven't seen much of that in use. It is, in fact, being stored."

Maj.-Gen. Hossein Salami visits underground missile site of Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Iran's latest threat on Israel: An arsenal of nuclear weapons - analysis

The threat is no longer “just” possibly one Iranian nuclear weapon, but rather a potential arsenal of nuclear weapons.

What if Iran were nuclear? - opinion

It is reasonable to expect that the potential emergence of Iran as a nuclear power will lead to an emboldened position, in a region that is already full of flashpoints.

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