Iraqi protesters

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Million-man march in Baghdad against US military presence in Iraq, Jan. 24, 2020

Will Iraq’s new PM shake off Iran’s grip on the region?

On May 7, the Iraqi parliament swore in Mustafa al-Kadhimi as its new prime minister. Iraqi officials are hopeful his leadership will bring stability to the region and curtail months of protests.

An Iraqi demonstrator uses a sling shot during the ongoing anti-government protests in Baghdad

Israel Katz butts in on Iraqi protests, but not Lebanon

First official comments by an Israeli minister come hours after commander of a powerful Iranian-backed Iraqi militia accuses Israel of exacerbating unrest

Iraqi Women Seek Rights – and to be Part of a Change

Amid attempts to transform the political system, feminists are looking for 50% representation in any new government

Demonstrators gesture at a protest over unemployment, corruption and poor public services, in Baghda

UN envoy condemns use of birdshot against Iraqi protesters

The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq said it had received credible allegations of protesters being targeted with hunting rifles, stones and firebombs over the weekend, leading to at least 50 injuries.

A demonstrator carries an Iraqi flag as he walks near burning tires blocking a road during ongoing a

Iraqi leader: CIA controls Iraqi gov't branch, Israel fans protesters

The US has named Khazali as one of Iraq’s leading pro-Iranian voices and part of the conduit of IRGC influence in Iraq.

Iranian-backed militias may have killed 500 protesters in Iraq

As many as 550 protesters have been killed in Iraq since protesters began in October.

Populist Iraqi cleric orders sit-ins cleared after new PM appointed

The cleric has urged his unarmed supporters known as "blue hats" to work with authorities to ensure schools and businesses can operate normally again.

Muqtada al-Sadr

Sadr betrays Iraq’s protests and tries to hijack them with his own

A tale of two protests has unfolded in Iraq over the last forty-eight hours.

Demonstrators take part in a protest over corruption, lack of jobs, and poor services, in Iraq

Iraq’s government linked to murder as protest leaders assassinated

At the same time, there have been a plethora of kidnappings and assassinations of activists, with media outlets also being intimidated.

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