islamic regime

Is Iran's Islamic Regime about to collapse?

Former US official Robert Joseph said in an interview that he believes the Islamic Regime won't survive the Hijab Protests.


Iran forces plane to land to stop protester's family from leaving

Iranian soccer star Ali Daei's wife and daughter were removed from a plane heading to Dubai.

UNGA condemns Iran's crackdown on protesters, with Israel's support

It expressed its serious concern about the actions of Iran's morality police and the law requiring women to wear a hijab.

Iran protests approach moment of decision for the revolution

BEHIND THE LINES: Iran today is characterized by ongoing and widespread unrest, at a level intolerable to the authorities. But it is not yet in what might be called a pre-revolutionary situation.

'Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!' Protests, clashes sweep Iran as Mahsa Amini memorialized

Thousands of Iranians gathered at Mahsa Amini's grave to mark the 40th day since she was killed.


'Baraye', the new anthem of freedom - opinion

Dubbed the anthem of the Iranian revolution, "Baraye" is both a moving tribute and a testimony to the horrors done to the Iranians.

Iranian Kurds fear regime’s threat of incursion

BEHIND THE LINES: Why is Iran choosing to target small, exiled Iranian Kurdish opposition organizations in northern Iraq, at a time when unrest within Iran itself is ongoing?

Videos from Iran prove that protests only continue to grow - analysis

it is clear that large numbers of people are willing to confront Iran’s crackdown on the streets of their city, armed with nothing more than stones and determination.

Khamenei: Riots in Iran were planned by Israel, US

Khamenei said the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was a "bitter incident" but that the riots were "planned."

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran says U.S. 'action group' will fail to overthrow state

'Americans are imposing sanctions but they claim they are supporting freedom, human rights, and global and regional security,' said the Iranian Parliament Speaker.

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