Israel's Iron Dome

Pro-Israel orgs appeal to US Senate to replenish Iron Dome

“We ask that you urgently move forward the supplemental appropriations funding to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system,” the organizations wrote in a letter.

How did Iron Dome's strategic depth transform Israel's defense?

No other country has been subjected to the sort of missile threats Israel faces and no other country has really created an integrated multi-layered air defense system like Israel has.

Iron Dome developers set the record straight on its evolution

Marking 10 years since Iron Dome’s first operational interception, leading figures in developing the missile defense system set the record straight on its evolution


Why isn’t the Iron Dome stopping these deadly rocket attacks?

Yaakov Amidror tells the 'Post' that if a rocket is shot at a location less than a few kilometers away, “we don’t have enough time to intercept it.”

Iron dome

U.S. pledges record $705 million in missile defense aid to Israel

“I thank our great friend the United States, which has invested $6.5 billion to defend the skies of the State of Israel. We are grateful for the assistance."

L’homme grâce à qui les Etats-Unis ont financé le Dôme de fer

Eric Lynn a réussi à sauver le système anti-roquettes et des milliers de vies humaines

Iron dome

Watch: Israel's Iron Dome defense system gets an upgrade

Israel continuously improves the technology behind the country’s anti-missile systems, and the last upgrade to the Iron Dome was in 2015.

iron dome

Israel seeking faster production of Iron Dome batteries

Moshe Patel, Director of Israel Missile Defense Organization: Iron Dome will also be used to shoot down enemy drones.

Netanyahu Obama

Herzog blames Netanyahu for White House rejection of increased missile defense funding

Herzog calls for committee to be formed to investigate "Netanyahu's decision making process when it comes to national security."

Trial of the Iron Dome system in the US.

US Army tests Iron Dome interceptor missile against drones

Rafael's Tamir interceptor fired at target for first time on US soil.

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