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Israel returns looted antiquities to Egypt

The artifacts returned include hieroglyphic inscriptions on stones and papyruses, a piece of sarcophagus and several figurines.

Lapid in Egypt to meet Sisi and discuss Hamas hostages

Foreign Minister Yair Laid arrived in Cairo to address, among other things, the issue of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

Lapid heads to Cairo as Israeli-Hamas tensions heat up

It is speculated that Lapid may meet with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. If so, he would return to him ancient Egyptian artifacts illegally smuggled into Israel. 

I was a journalist when Sadat visited Jerusalem

The behind-the-scenes story of the Sadat visit was part of a speech given by Zev Hefetz, American director of the Israel Government Press Office - an amazing event to experience.


Senior IDF officers meet with Egyptian counterparts

With close ties between the two militaries, Cairo and Jerusalem have been reported by foreign press to have been closely cooperating in the Sinai peninsula in the fight against ISIS and smugglers.

'Kissinger was not actually seeking peace' in 1973, claims new book - interview

“He persuaded Israeli government to trade pieces of territory occupied in 1967 for time,” said Martin Indyk. “Territory for time, not territory for peace.

Behind the recent Egyptian-Israeli rapprochement - analysis

Egyptian President el-Sisi: "The current reality confirms President Sadat’s vision."


These women are the first IDF tank crew preventing drug smuggling along Egyptian border

Meet the 10 women making history operation Israel's first female tank crew along the Egyptian border, preventing drug smuggling.

Egyptair flies to Israel for first time, commencing new flight route

Since Israel and Egypt signed a peace deal in 1979, flights between the two countries have been offered by a subsidiary of Egyptair, called Air Sinai.


On This Day: Camp David Accords signed, leading to Israel-Egypt peace

The Camp David Accords are remembered positively as the first truly successful peace negotiation between Israel and an Arab nation.

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