israel missile defense

The "Rocks" system deployed on an F-16 fighter jet
Israel unveils Rafael's new advanced bunker buster missile, 'Rocks'

The air-to-surface missile can be fired from a significant standoff range, reducing exposure of the aircraft.

 IAI's MRSAM missle during a test in June 2016
IAI and India ink $93 million deal for additional missile deliveries

The medium range surface-to-air missiles will protect India from enemy aircrafts.

An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires during a combined forces drill in Shizafon military base
Analysis: IDF’s new missile corps will revolutionize how Israel wages war

Years from now, it will also likely be looked at as one of the most significant decisions Avigdor Liberman will have made as Israel’s defense minister.

Second David's Sling missile fell in Syria without hitting target

Israel to boost missile defense spending by NIS 30 billion over next 10 years

IRGC commander says Iran's missile production has increased three-fold

“In the past we had to do a lot of explaining to various bodies for our actions but it’s not like that anymore.”

An illustrative representation of ELL-8270 air defense system.
Israel's IAI announces innovative aerial defense system

The ELL-8270 is a cheap, effective, "decoy" designed to protect aircraft from surface-to-air missiles.

Israeli Air Force receives Arrow-3 ballistic interceptors in formal transfer ceremony.
Israel successfully carries out Arrow-3 test

Third times a charm! Flight trial carried out after two prior were called off due to discovered flaws

North Korea's Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile is launched, November 2017
Hawaii and Israel

The sudden feeling of fear and helplessness is familiar to Israelis who live within rocket-range of Hamas terrorists in Gaza or Hezbollah Islamists in South Lebanon.

Israel and India marked 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.
India officially cancels $500-million defense deal with Israel

Rumors that the deal with Rafael to buy 8,000 Spike missiles was cancelled first surfaced in November.

Israeli Air Force receives Arrow-3 ballistic interceptors in formal transfer ceremony.
Defense Ministry halts Arrow-3 test after simulator missile proves to be a dud

The Arrow 3 is considered one of the world's best interceptors due to its breakthrough technological capabilities.

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