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Report: Trump signed letter declining to press Israel on nuclear question

The report states that when Trump entered office, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer went to the White House to arrange for Trump to sign the letter, stressing the need for secrecy.

David Ben-Gurion

Israel and denuclearization: Necessary paradox or hypocrisy in action?

While Israel maintains nuclear ambiguity, the Jewish state is believed to possess up to 200 atomic weapons.

Missiles and a portrait of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Iran

Norway ex-PM: ‘Double standard’ on Israel, others cripples nuclear talks

Former Norwegian PM Bondevik referenced Israel and claimed that the main reason for “extremism is humiliation, and occupation can create the feeling of humiliation.”

SUPPORTERS OF Lebanon’s Hezbollah protest in Beirut’s southern suburbs in 2017.

Nuclear deterrence and nuclear conflict: The case of Israel

Needless to say, special attention should then be directed toward comparatively assessing and subsequently obstructing all adversarial opportunities to “go nuclear.”

High Court rejects petition for more oversight of Israel’s nuclear agency

The court said the Knesset and not the judicial branch should decide the issue.

JPost Exclusive: Israel nuclear program has less oversight than other democracies

That Israel is more secretive is not surprising in light of its unique policy of possessing 80-200 nuclear weapons – according to foreign sources – but without ever formally declaring it.

Is it time to regulate Israel’s atomic agency?

Avner Cohen’s decades-long struggle with Israel’s nuke program reaches the High Court.

Dolphin-class submarine

Former Navy Commander detained in Israeli submarine corruption probe

Tuesday's detention comes after six suspects were detained for questioning on Monday.

David Ben-Gurion et Shimon Peres en visite sur le site du réacteur nucléaire de Dimona

La fin du tabou du nucléaire israélien ?

Des documents révélés par la presse montrent qu’Israël aurait sérieusement envisagé de faire exploser une bombe atomique dans la péninsule du Sinaï juste avant la guerre des Six jours


Israel's alleged 1967 nuclear 'doomsday operation' plan to be revealed

Whether credible or not, the plans never came into effect as Israel emerged victorious from the conflict.

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