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Greek-Jewish tensions: A teenage Hanukkah story

Portraying the tensions of the era for a teen


3000-year-old temple-era gold bead found by 9-year-old Jerusalem boy

The bead was so well preserved, that when the boy brought the bead to the supervising archaeologist, he initially wrote it off as likely being an unidentified modern object.

Back to the future – from the first to the 21st century

The cauldron of anger and dissatisfaction mixed with messianic hope was beginning to boil; soon it would erupt in serious outbreaks of violence throughout the land.

MUNICIPALITY WORKERS place a lion statue by artist Mark Greiner, donated by a group of evangelical l

In praise of Jerusalem

To understand Jerusalem, you must look at it with eyes of love.

 Arch of Titus

The golden eagle in Jerusalem: History repeats itself

King Herod put a golden eagle outside of the Temple of Jerusalem.


Parashat Tetzaveh: Deliberateness versus laziness

This week’s Torah portion, Tetzaveh, deals mostly with an interesting and surprising area: clothing design for the Temple priests.

Parashat Tzav: Do not eat life!

One does not need to be a vegetarian to be able to identify with the basic principle that shedding blood is not a decent moral virtue.

Parashat Matot: What’s wrong with new prohibitions?

The person who builds an altar is trying to be different from everyone else. The entire Jewish people brings sacrifices to the Temple, but he builds an altar for sacrifices in his home.

A portion of a 'standard volume' table, uncovered at the Pilgrimage Road archaeological site in Jeru

Second Temple era marketplace uncovered in Jerusalem

A measuring table-top and a number of stone weights were found, indicating trading activity on the site.

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