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Democratic U.S. House committee chairmen Nadler and other members discuss investigations into Trump

Jewish groups to U.S. House: Pass resolution in support of two-state solution

The resolution, which was introduced in April, is cosponsored by 132 House Democrats.

Knesset MK hopeful advocates for one-state solution

"Leaders today don't actually want to see a Palestinian state."

Flag palestine

There are choices: Alternatives to ‘two-state’

Astonishingly, when presented with different alternatives, only 10% preferred the “two-state” approach.

Mike Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo calls on Palestinians to negotiate

“We believe that the Israelis and Palestinians need to have political engagement. We urge the Palestinians to return to that political dialogue."


‘AIPAC falsely claims Israel supports two-state option,’ right says

Trump has said he would support a two-state solution only if agreed to by both sides.

Between one state and two: Time to decide

In any event, it is essential to maintain a constant and varied dialogue with the PLO/ PA and with various groups in Palestinian society.

A protester holds a Palestinian flag as he runs during clashes with Israeli troops

Palestinians won’t benefit from multilateral peace process

For Israel, it was an obvious decision not to take a risk in working with a new group of mediators

A SIGN calls on US President Donald Trump to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

US officials: Trump’s Jerusalem endorsement may include two-state support

US President Trump's declaration is not meant to determine the boundaries of the city, which would still be subject to negotiation during the peace process, the officials said.


Belief in Palestinian openness to two-state solution amounts to insanity

rather than look at the historical record of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and draw the self-evident conclusions, Uri Avnery retreats into the counterfactual fantasyland.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

JPost Editorial: AIPAC lessons

American partisan politics are traditionally supposed to “stop at the water’s edge” with regard to Israel.

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