Israeli Government Budget

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Counselor in Israel Scouts (Tzofim) speaks with youth, 2010

Youth once again left behind as budget crisis threatens youth movements

Hundreds of workers have already been fired from youth movements and some of the movements are facing the possibility of needing to close down completely due to the lack of a budget.

IIA approves $115 million to support start-ups amid COVID-19

Israel's high-tech sector has been suffering budgetary issues for a while now, as the country's been caught in a limbo of political confusion since last year.

Netanyahu's budget maneuvers - economically absurd, socially mad

MIDDLE ISRAEL: The former governor of the Bank of Israel represented truth, warning that Benjamin Netanyahu’s budgetary maneuvering is economically ruinous.

An empty Knesset Plenum

Government to change Basic Law to fund coronavirus fight

The change in the Basic Law is made necessary by the fact that since there has not been a government for a year, the state has not had an approved budget since January 1.

The Bursa team

Moody's gives Israel a 'positive' economic outlook

Moody's estimates that its rating will rise in the next 12-18 months if the improvement in debt levels and fiscal performance continues, despite upcoming elections.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting with cabinet at government meeting on July 23, 2018

Government invests 28 million to improve migrant majority neighborhoods

"The south Tel Aviv neighborhoods will become a national priority," Minister of Construction and Housing Yoav Gallant said.

Netanyahu corruption drama casts a shadow of uncertainty on a busy Knesset

If – and it’s a big if – there’s an election soon, the coalition will want to have at least some recent accomplishments to bring to the voters, or at least to show they really tried.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

Weekend fighting in Syria seen tipping balance on defense budget

Liberman's demand for increase arises from the introduction of "equilibrium breaking" weaponry into the region in the past two years.

A general view shows the plenum during the swearing-in ceremony of the 20th Knesset, the new Israeli

Amid indictment debacle, Knesset passes 2019 budget in first reading

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said that passing the budget in its first reading is "already strengthening the Israeli economy."

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