Israeli Government Budget

A food security pilot program has been added to Israel’s national budget

With NIS 155 million of annual support, the program aims to feed those in need, while granting struggling families the tools needed to escape food insecurity.

Artificial intelligence

Government agrees to formulate national AI plan

The plan could be based on the work of an Israeli cyber industry icon.

Is the government’s cost of living plan any good? - analysis

Prime Minister Bennett held a joint press conference to explain his plan to reduce the cost of living in Israel, with experts weighing in on the potential of the plan to address rising prices.

Tour guides skeptical of Tourism Ministry’s latest effort to revive industry

The Tourism Ministry has committed to grant a NIS 25 million budget for guided tours for the general public by hiring qualified tour guides.

State budget won't be expedited to prevent coalition collapse

There were those in the governing coalition who sought to expedite the budget's passage in an effort to make it harder to topple the government.


Fitch Ratings applauds Israel's budget approval

Israel's financial position has benefited this year from its strong economic rebound, the gradual removal of pandemic restrictions, and particularly strong fiscal revenues from the hi-tech sector.


Will Israel's new budget be effective or catastrophic? - opinion

Only time will tell whether Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's government's budget is good or not.

Gov't plan for Arab community discriminates against Arabs in mixed cities - Lod mayor

The mayor of Lod petitioned the High Court on Thursday against the government's five-year plan for the Arab community, claiming that it excludes Arabs of mixed communities.

Israeli election avoided as state budget passes into law, after 3.5 years

Some opposition MKs mistakenly voted with the coalition, including opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on a budget clause at 1 a.m.


Israel finally has a budget, and so does the IDF - analysis

The military can breathe a sigh of relief and get to work on a number of projects that had been delayed for a significant amount of time.

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