israeli university boycott

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nir barkat protest

Barkat returns to SF campus 1 year after being bullied by Palestinian protesters

Jewish and Muslim students criticize university president for extending invitation without consultation.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Former UK chief rabbi joins battle against Israel Apartheid Week

Three events have been cancelled at UK universities.

bds boycott

'Impact of BDS is worse than most people realize'

Richard D. Heideman, one of the foremost legal experts on fighting the BDS movement, seeks to repair the tarnished name of Zionism.

bds boycott

Israeli ministers prepare to vote on academic boycott bill

The legislation is intended to harm academic boycotts of Israel abroad that are led by professors employed by Israeli universities and colleges.

The flags of Israel and Canada

Engineering student says Canadian school rejected him for being Israeli

The engineering student was told that he was rejected "due to the conflict and illegal settlement activity in the region."

A protester chants slogans near a banner reading "Boycott Israel" during an anti-Israel march

UK Jewish leaders arm freshmen with anti-BDS tools

The British campaign is the latest in a series of worldwide efforts by Israelis and pro-Israelis to quash the BDS movement.


Top marks

Glad tidings rarely qualify as newsworthy for the mass media. However, this is truly good news.


Academics complain of covert boycott of higher education in Israel

Education leaders say that an academic boycott against Israel is felt in subtle ways, such as when academics refuse to attend conferences in the country.

Natan Sharansky

Into the fray: Delegitimization, anti-Semitism & BDS: Sharansky’s misdirected lament

In his recent Jerusalem Post article the Jewish Agency Chairman, was spot on in his diagnosis; but totally off target with his prescription for dealing with anti-Israel defamation on US campuses.

Anti-Israel protest

Muddled Jewish leaders who won’t fight BDS

When Jewish students fear any public association with Israel when running for student government you know we’re in trouble.

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