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JPost at 90: An uncompromising start

In the mid-1960s, when few Jews had a good word to say about Egypt, I was a very young journalist in Australia who had been taught that there’s more than one side to every story

JPost at 90: Working in the media isn't a job - it's a calling

Even after the newspaper changed its name to The Jerusalem Post in 1950, the original name was etched in my grandfather’s mind, like black printer’s ink being used by the barrel-load.


A Zionist newspaper’s role

As a voice emanating from Zion, the Post has inspired Jews and non-Jews alike across the globe, connecting them to Israel however distant they might be

JPost at 90: Nostalgic hoarding of newspaper's highlights - opinion

Now when I find an article I think I might find valuable later, I copy the text or the web address into Evernote – and throw away the print version.


JPost at 90: The power of a story - opinion

I wrote the following story in March 17, 2005. After it ran in the Post, I learned that hundreds of additional hungry families had received Shabbat food as a result.

‘The Jerusalem Post’ is still fighting for Israel, 90 years later

We don’t shy away from tough issues: We embrace them. That is what we learned from Agron. Happy 90th anniversary.

Jerusalem Post reporter Daniel K. Eisenbud who passed away March 20, 2018

A reporter's life: A tribute to JPost's Daniel K. Eisenbud

Remembering a valued colleague and a cherished friend.


On This Day, 1950: Final 'Operation Magic Carpet' airlift arrives in Israel

On September 25, 1950, The Jerusalem Post reported on the final airlift of Yemenite Jews to Israel - continue for the original report.

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