jonathan pollard release

Jonathan Pollard

Welcome to Israel, Jonathan Pollard

Pollard’s arrival in Israel will now hopefully put an end to one of the most difficult chapters in US-Israeli relations.

The Pollard puzzle: A pension but no parade - opinion

When a defendant, no matter how guilty, is punished too harshly, justice miscarries.


Come home, Jonathan Pollard

From the moment that Pollard was sentenced in March of 1987, he was subjected to what can only be described as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Understanding Ehud Olmert's disdain for Jonathan Pollard – opinion

It would seem the liberal intelligentsia have decided it was time to show their face once more and attack the release of Jonathan Pollard


Olmert to 'Post': Stop the Pollard festival

Is it really in our best interest to poke the bear?


Israel needs to give Jonathan Pollard a quiet homecoming

There is very little to gain from making grand public statements and touting Pollard’s return “home.”

Netanyahu calls Jonathan Pollard, awaits his return to Israel

"You should have a comfortable life now that both of you can pursue your interests and take care of Esther with the best medical treatment in the world," Netanyahu said.


Don’t give Pollard a hero’s welcome – or Trump a hero’s send-off – opinion

During this brittle moment in Israel’s political history, and the history of democracy, protecting Israel’s soul is a pressing national security challenge.

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