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Panel on Global Terror and the Threat to Israel and Europe at Jerusalem Post's 2017 Diplomatic Confe

Caroline Glick to EU: Don’t ignore Palestinian terrorism

“The forces of terrorism must be equally fought,” Glick said, not just for Israel’s sake but for the sake of the rest of the world.

Column One: Israel and the American Jewish crisis

The key to strengthening and supporting the community is to bypass its failed leadership and speak and interact directly with American Jews.

A demonstrator holds signs during a rally in response to the Charlottesville, Virginia nazi

Column One: Trump and the Jews

The fact is that the rhetoric of white supremacists on Israel and Jews is largely indistinguishable from the language of the far Left.

Our World: Losing and winning the Temple Mount

Israel ceded the Temple Mount to terrorists last week. But with a clear goal, we can get it back in short order and keep it perpetually for the good of all humanity.


Column One: Hezbollah’s missiles will not rust

If we aren’t indifferent to Hezbollah’s expansion of its capabilities, what are we planning to do about it?

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Israel Museum

Column One: Netanyahu’s challenge with Trump

Trump doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

Employees work at the offices of "Breaking the Silence" in Tel Aviv, Israel

Column One: The PLO’s most powerful lobbyists

When they lobby for the PLO and against moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem they cross the line into gross insubordination.

Caroline B. Glick

Watch: Caroline Glick's Speech at Jpost NY Conference

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick gave the final address of the day, wrapping up the publication's annual conference in New York.

President Donald Trump (R) greets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a joint news.

Column one: Israel’s silenced majority

All previous attempts to reach a deal by extracting concessions from Israel did nothing but weaken Israel.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Column One: The rise of the networked Left

The riots against Murray and Yiannopoulis alerted non-Jewish Americans to the intellectual and moral decay of their campuses.

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