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Netanyahu appeals to European leaders not to outlaw kosher slaughter

European regulations prohibit slaughter without pre-stunning, but make an exception for religious reasons. However, member states may pass their own laws to reduce animal suffering.

Jewish unity is the answer to the EU's kosher slaughter ban - opinion

Especially given Europe’s difficult past, it must do more to safeguard the human rights of the Jewish community and all citizens.

Jewish Agency urges European leaders not to follow Belgian kosher ban

Legislation prohibiting kosher slaughter in most of Belgium was recently upheld by the European Court of Justice.

KOSHER INSPECTOR Aaron Wulkan examines meat to ensure that the food is stored and prepared.

EU court decision: Happy cows higher priority than happy Jews - analysis

It is not as if kosher meat is banned in Flanders of Wallonia, just that the ritual slaughter of the cows there is forbidden. This means if you want to eat kosher meat, it will have to be imported, something that will significantly increase the price.

Orthodox Jews in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2012

EU decision to prohibit kosher, halal slaughter must be reversed -opinion

According to kashrut and halal requirements, which are aimed at preventing animal suffering, the animal’s throat must be slit quickly with a sharp knife while it is still conscious.

Hungary calls EU’s ruling against kosher slaughter a ‘disgrace’

Hungary’s right-wing government, whose critics say has encouraged antisemitism, clashes often with EU institutions on multiple issues

A KOSHER slaughterhouse.

European Court of Justice approves Belgian kosher slaughter ban

The laws requiring animals to be stunned before they are slaughtered strike "a fair balance between animal welfare" and religious freedom.

Israeli vegan food

Vegan Kosher: New label on offer uniting two major food trends

Rabbi Asa Keisar hopes his new project will reduce animal suffering while promoting better Torah adherence.

cows kibbutz israel dairy

Polish government vows to introduce new bill to end ritual slaughter

Puda did not explain the reason for the decision, but he seemed to suggest that the original legislation was not restrictive enough on ritual slaughter, a $1.8 billion industry in Poland

Cow illustrative

Polish parliament drops proposal to ban export of kosher, halal meat

Animal welfare activists oppose the slaughter of animals for kosher and halal meat because it precludes stunning before the animals’ throats are cut.

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