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Women of Rojava, Kurdish Syria suffering in the shadow of war

As Turkey contemplates another offensive against the Kurds, the dream of a just society in northeast Syria drifts further away.


Turkey accused of bulldozing cemetery to create 'mass grave' - analysis

It appears every time that Turkey has a high level meeting with US officials or a call with a US official Turkish state media is mobilized to invent or discover some new “YPG/PKK terror.”

A Kurdistan Region Peshmerga looks out at ISIS positions from his frontline near Kirkuk in 2015

Kurdistan Region calls for unity against ISIS threats

ISIS attacked Kurdish Peshmerga fighters near Pirde in Iraq overnight.

Displaced Syrians near Afrin say Turkish airstrikes terrorize civilians

The area has many displaced people, including Kurdish and Yazidi minorities, who fled Afrin when Turkey invaded northern Syria in January 2018.

Cars stand in line at a gasoline station as they wait to fuel up in Aleppo, Syria, April 11, 2019

Two car bombs kill at least 11 in Syria's Northern Aleppo

Turkey, which is allied with some rebel groups opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is in control of the area where the explosion occurred.

Turkish Kurds

Kurds in Syria could also be reconciling as new US admin take shape

The US Embassy in Syria tweeted on January 15 that it supported the ongoing Syrian intra-Kurdish dialogue and looked forward to its continued progress.

KURDISH FEMALE fighters of the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) take part in a military parade as they

Turkey-backed fighters clash with Kurdish forces in north Syria town

A rebel source with the Turkey-backed National Army said the faction seized some farmland after mounting an attack at the edge of the town.


Kurdish official says thousands of Syrians to leave camp in northeast

He cited a need to reduce the burden on the camp and step up measures to curb security incidents which he said had risen.


Growing controversy over Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq

Turkey has had almost a year of near-constant new conflicts and militarist sabre-rattling.

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