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IDF to award medal to SLA, IDF soldiers who fought in Lebanon buffer zone

The Lebanon war started in September 1982 and ended with the Israeli withdrawal in May 2000.

View of Mount Hermon covered with snow as it seen from the northern Golan Heights, near the border w

Syrian Arab Army forces position themselves on Mount Hermon - report

Reports have surfaced recently of both Israeli and Syrian airstrikes in areas close to the border.

Lebanon’s ability to hang on now in question

Former US ambassador tells The Media Line: No one trusts members of ruling class to keep their word on reform.

Lebanon's President Michel Aoun speaks during a news conference at the presidential palace last mont

The talks with Lebanon need quiet diplomacy

Any tactical derogation or strategical hidden objectives should be put aside.

An Israeli military observation tower overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and part of the maritime borde

Israel-Lebanon negotiations: cautious optimism but no bells of peace

It is essential to keep in mind at this point that the negotiations relate only to the maritime border, nothing else. Neither side intends to discuss land border disputes or additional issues.

IDF officers simulate war with Hezbollah

Hundreds of officers are using simulators, virtual reality, and escape rooms to prepare for war with the Lebanese terror group

A Middle East Airlines flight, at Rafic Hariri International Airport, Beirut, Lebanon

Dual Canadian-Lebanese arrested for spying for Israel

Identified as Tabet Tabet, he is heard calling on the Canadian government to get him released.

Peace of mind

‘The amazing process we began this week brought us from ‘brothers in arms’ to ‘brothers in soul.’’

A poster of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in southern Lebanon

Nasrallah take note: ‘Some spider! Some web!’

In Nasrallah’s view, Israel is on the verge of collapse, a country in which its citizens are soft, fat and sassy.

North Korea

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What citizens of other countries are reading about the Middle East

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