lev tahor cult

Former Mossad agent describes involvement in Lev Tahor raid

Danny Limor, a former Mossad agent cannot believe the Lev Tahor members consider themselves Jewish.


Lev Tahor cult survivor rescues son, brings him to Israel amid arrests

Israel Amir's rescue mission was in the works ever since the former member escaped the cult in Guatemala some three years ago.

Lev Tahor cult members arrested in massive raid on Mexico's border

Some 20 Jews belonging to the extremist Lev Tahor sect were arrested in raids by Mexican immigration authorities.

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

Lev Tahor head gets 12 year prison term for kidnapping, sex trafficking

Nachman Helbrans and Meyer Rosner were convicted of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl, bringing her to Mexico to be back with her "husband."

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

The Lev Tahor Hasidic sect is bouncing around the Balkans and attracting attention

Members of the cult were sighted in a remote town in Bosnia and Herzegovina last month and in North Macedonia this month

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

Members of the 'Jewish Taliban' Lev Tahor spotted in Bosnia - report

The members are allegedly living on the property of a member of the Republic of Srpka's National Assembly. Police say it's unconfirmed if they're in Lev Tahor, but the group has entered the Balkans.

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

Meet the man trying to rescue his son from Lev Tahor

Israel Amir escaped from the Lev Tahor cult two years ago and has since been trying to rescue his now two-year-old son.

Eliezer Rumpler, from the Lev Tahor Haredi Jewish sect   arrives to the Jerusalem District Court for

Leaders of anti-Zionist cult Lev Tahor to stand trial in New York

While the sect is tiny, its potential to cause international incidents has attracted outsized attention.

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

Extradition of senior Lev Tahor leaders to US from Guatemala approved

The cult has recently tried to move to Iran on several occasions to avoid its legal problems tied up in its child abuse and other criminal activities, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Lev Tahor, Guatemala

Israeli Justice Min. has not requested warrant for Lev Tahor child-abuse suspect

Elazar Rumpler was indicted in Israel in 2020 on charges of physical abuse of children in his school, but fled to Guatemala.

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