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Telling the forgotten story of Osnat Barzani, first female rabbi

Osnat was born in Kurdistan in 1590. Her story is an astounding one.

Ari Shavit’s new book, My Promised Land puts our zionism on test

Zionism was not forced upon Mizrahi Jews - opinion

The allegation that Mizrahi Jews cling to Zionism because it was forced upon them is racist in the way it infantilizes an entire community.

Israeli left

How can Israel’s left-wing parties win more Mizrahi votes?

These leaders should open the dialogue with a simple but sincere message: “I’m sorry.”


My Word: Forgotten refugees and the proud Mizrahi heritage

Of all the things that unnecessarily divide Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, one of the most striking is the perception that talking (or cursing) in Yiddish is the main sign of a shared cultural heritage.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum meets with UAE businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

Mizrahi, Sephardi traditions open doors to Middle East peace

“Mizrahi Jews need to take a more active role in peace building because we have a similar culture and our stories show we are indigenous to this region and land.”

UN must recognize Jewish refugees from Arab countries – opinion

Entire communities from Morocco to Iraq, from Egypt to Syria, Lebanon, Iran and more were effectively wiped out.


What can explain Netanyahu's sudden concern for Arabs?

Bibi’s too busy with MK Mansour Abbas to phone Joe Biden.

CAMERA student advocates

CAMERA launches campaign on campuses to celebrate Mizrahi Jews

“The campaign will focus on the voices of Mizrahi Jews as they share their own and their families’ experiences in online videos and written stories that will be spread widely on social media.”

The haredim within Israel’s democratic society - analysis

I understand that for the haredim the full-time study of the Torah and other religious sources by Jewish males is more important than anything else – it is life itself.

Can the many schisms in Israeli society ever be reconciled? – opinion

Today the conflict between Right and Left is still ideological, though the great ideological and political leaders on both sides, all of them modest-living men, are long gone.

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