The rift between the first and second Israel

There are numerous impressive Mizrahi intellectuals, who express radical positions of various political shades, and who share the anger and rage about the continuing discrimination against Mizrahim.

Yoaz Hendel on his former boss Benjamin Netanyahu: His weaknesses overcame his abilities and made hi
Falsely turning Yoaz Hendel into Dudu Topaz – analysis

Come election years, the “ethnic genie” always manages to jump from the back seat into the front.

Why does ‘The Second Israel’ adore Benjamin Netanyahu?

What do they want from these elites and their descendants? To repent, to stop hoping that the Mizrahim will change their right-wing belief systems and traditional ways.

Redress for the Jews from Arab countries

Unfortunately, all of this ended in the 20th century, when its Jews, and the Jews of the entire Arab world fled or were expelled from their homes and communities.

The Freicha song blossoms into Yiddish version

Many Israelis took to social media to express their frustration over the change, which some derided as unnecessary political correctness that ruined a classic Israeli tune.

A man enters a branch of Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank in Jerusalem August 29, 2011.
Mizrahi Bank's purchase of Union Bank approved by courts

The court overturned a decision from May 2018 by the anti-trust authority, who rejected the deal saying the disappearance of Union Bank as a competitor likely would harm competition.

For greater solidarity, Jews should join mass kaddish on Nov. 30

In the first half of the 20th century, almost 900,000 Jews lived in Arab countries, whereas today there exists no more than a few thousand.

Aliyah, Jewish immigration to Israel
PA journalist: We must help Jews leave Israel, return to their countries

Matar endorsed the idea conceived by Mahmoud Abbas that there should be an "Arab Keren Hayesod."

Marc Lamont Hill slams Mizrahi Jews as 'identity category' of Palestinians

Hill’s latest excoriation of Israel, posted to his 90,000 followers, followed Hen Mazzig’s argument that Israel is not a country of “privileged and powerful white Europeans.”

An illustration of a Spanish Jew before a Grand Inquisitor
Fundamentally Freund: Don’t let Ladino die

Ladino and all that it embodies are part and parcel of our people’s long and winding journey on the historical stage.

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