Rosh Hashanah: ‘For my sake the world was created’

Each individual has the power and potential to change the world. Indeed, throughout Jewish history there were many individuals who literally changed the course of Jewish history.

What are the Ten Commandments in the Bible? - explainer

The Ten Commandments have a central place in Judaism and Jewish history, given by God and Moses at Mount Sinai. Here's what you need to know about them.


Parashat Pinchas: Four comments on leadership

Humility, dedication to the nation’s needs, tolerance and taking responsibility are the traits of an ideal leader, as Rashi taught us based on the words of the Torah.

Passover 2022: A Ukraine Chabad rabbi's Exodus - opinion

How can matzah, made from the most simplistic of ingredients, be intertwined so profoundly with our faith and heritage?


Parashat Vayikra: Every person has a name

The way that God turns to Moses teaches us how to behave in our own relationships.

Jews of Egypt, Europe were bound by mental enslavement - opinion

The Hebrews in Egypt during Moses’s time, and the Jews in Europe during Herzl’s time, failed to envision the path to freedom.


From Moses to Herzl: Acquiring the knowledge in front of your eyes

Internalizing the lessons from Moses’s exodus, Herzl understood that transformations need to happen gradually – he referred to those 40 years in the desert as “education through migration.”


Lifting the veil: Meet Dorothy Tiano Melvin

“I felt in bondage to depression over my mother’s death, and I felt I needed to break those bonds.”

Parashat Ki Tavo: Joy – the key to victory

The fact that bad things can come from God and affect His nation when it does not follow His path presents a difficult theological problem for people who believe in a benevolent and righteous God.

 The Israel Museum's Wine Festival showcased the revived Israeli wine industry this past week

What do the American Revolution, Moses and Herzl have in common?

Unlike in Herzl’s France, Israel’s stability is provided by that secret formula planted in Deuteronomy by Moses: Political delegation.

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