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On 'Nakba,' Abbas vows to continue payments to prisoners and 'martyrs'

Nakba day marks the anniversary of the establishment of Israel as a day of catastrophe.

Israel: UNHRC's new investigator has compared Nakba to Holocaust

Francesca Albanese has compared "the Holocaust to the Nakba, and advocates for the de-facto destruction of the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” Eilon Shahar said.


Letters to the Editor December 22, 2021: Nonstarter

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Israel must change its attitude toward the Nakba - comment

In the Palestinian narrative, the Nakba ('The Catastrophe') marks the departure/escape/expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the territory of the State of Israel.

There must not be a second Nakba - editorial

Itamar Fleischman suggested that the best way to deal with Palestinian nationalist sentiment in Israel was to make them live in constant fear.

Arabs need to be reminded of Nakba - ex-Bennett, Netanyahu spokesman

A former spokesman for Naftali Bennett said that Arabs needed to be "reminded of the Nakba" on a Channel 14 panel.

PALESTINIANS CELEBRATE Nakba Day at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate in 2014

Canceling election, Nakba Day and Ramadan could cause eruption - analysis

The most immediate milestone could arise if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas calls off the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council


Deir Yassin Massacre: What really happened? - opinion

The Friday tour is not an exercise in the memorialization of a tragedy, but the attempt to pervert the historical record.

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