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VIEW OF a damaged building after a fire broke out at Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility, in Isfahan on J

Ex-Mossad chief Pardo has no criticism of hit on Iran's Natanz

Pardo suggested Israel support the two-phase approach of the Biden administration – especially the second phase of lengthening and strengthening the JCPOA.

Why has Iran named a suspect in Natanz attack?

Iran however also claims that the Natanz attack has been amplified by false foreign reports. It claims that the attack actually helped it replace old centrifuges.

Why is Iran sending mixed messages on Vienna?

Iran’s three-pronged messaging is designed to confuse its adversaries and paint its failures as a success.

US pressuring Israel to stop commenting on Iran - report

According to the report, the Biden administration feels 'uneasy' regarding the recent Israeli operation in Natanz.

Netanyahu is beating war drums for personal gain - opinion

Netanyahu does not want war, he wants Smotrich and others to join his government.


Is the Israel-Iran shadow war coming into the light?

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: Is timing everything regarding this week’s attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility?

My Word: Positive nuclear exposure and fallout

The destruction of the Natanz plant was widely attributed to Israel and certain Israeli leaders did not make an effort to deny the allegations.

The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters, befor

Iran, world powers resume nuclear talks amid enrichment, Natanz attack

"We will have to see how in the coming days we address these violations with the will to press ahead in the talks."


Iran has begun 60% uranium enrichment - chief nuclear negotiator

Araqchi also announced that Iran will introduce 1,000 more centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Day 3 after Natanz: Iran reiterates 'right' to retaliate

This “reserves the right” story about retaliation appears to be a dialing back of Iran’s claims it would retaliate.

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