Netanyahu Iran

Iran commander threatens to kidnap and enslave Netanyahu

IRGC Commander Mojtaba Fada said Iran would "frog march [Netanyahu] to Iran wearing a leash and a slave collar."

Friends of Zion founder Dr. Mike Evans at the Srugim Conference on Monday.

Netanyahu's ‘trust factor' with superpowers is Israel's strength

"Who is the leader that the President trusts? Who does Putin trust? [Israel has] the golden opportunity of [its] life, everything is moving in [Israel's] direction,” Evans said.

Abbas, Trump, Netanyahu

10 steps Americans, Israelis and Palestinians can take

To work, steps must be taken by Israel and the Palestinian Authority in concert with the US. The sequencing can establish a sense of reciprocity.

Avigdor Liberman speaks at a press conference, October 22, 2018

Liberman: Religious pre-army groups are 'private militias'

Yisrael Beytenu leader castigates Netanyahu for ‘protection money’ to Gaza, says religious pre-military academies are forming ‘private militias’ within the IDF.

Netanyahu’s bid for others’ atonement: 'Fix it or nix it' the Iran deal

It will take a lot of effort to move Europe on Iran, but it’s not impossible, depending on what leverage both men have in their arsenals.

Netanyahu May

Netanyahu meets May as UK eyes bolstered Israel ties post-Brexit

The two world leaders met in London on Monday afternoon; topics discussed include Iran, the peace process, and trade relations between Israel and the UK.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu: Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis must be stopped

​PM's comments come as Iran nuclear talks intensify in Switzerland, with foreign ministers gathered to discuss the possibility of a political framework by March 31 deadline.

Saeb Erekat

PA: We hope election will help push international community to revive peace process

Erekat says campaign was based on settlements, racism and apartheid.

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