Your Taxes: How to do business in Israel in 2024

There is no tax in Israel on estates or inheritances, only on gifts to foreign residents.


Looking ahead to the local elections, and a much needed balance of power

The local authorities in Israel have proven themselves to be just about the only possible counterweight to the excessive powers of the central government - and are a much-needed balance of power.


Taub Center: Israel is burning up, and it’s not from rocket fire

A new study shows the number of Israelis dying as a result of exposure to high temperatures is rising, and "the issue is being pushed aside."

Giving Israel Sundays off: The pros and cons of a new workweek

There are serious pros and cons to consider when making the move to a Monday-Friday workweek. Here's a look at some of them.

Calculating taxes

OECD proposes profit rates for marketing income - opinion

Because there is apparently no size limit, these proposals, if adopted, could shake up Israeli and international routine trade and tax across the 143 countries signed up to the OECD/G20 alliance.


Israel had highest cost of living in OECD in 2022

In June of this year, Israel fell to fourth place behind Iceland, Ireland, and Switzerland.

'Poverty, by America': Explaining poverty in Israel and the US - review

Each society goes about “manufacturing” poverty in its own way and high levels of poverty – whether in rich or less prosperous societies – are by no means inevitable.


Is Israel’s notorious cost of living really that high?

A slew of economic factors have landed the Jewish state in a fairly expensive position – but how does it compare to other countries?

Will faltering investment numbers threaten Israeli hi-tech’s growth and success?

IIA Chairman: “It is a period of deep economic and social crisis, but also a period that presents opportunities if we can navigate wisely.”

Israel's climate performance doesn't match its sustainable innovations - opinion

Instead of a rap on the knuckles, let us hope that future reports on Israel’s environmental performance match up to the incredible record Israel has on sustainable innovations.

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