oslo accords

Why is Israel's next gov't being attacked before it exists? - opinion

The reality is that none of the parties that are expected to make up Israel’s next government neatly fit the stereotypes that overheated critics are deploring in advance.


Understanding Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution delusion - opinion

The idea that Jewish and Arab states will coexist peacefully is widespread in contemporary academic and political circles but ignores the reality on the ground. 

If not two states, then what? - opinion

All of the Land of Israel is important to the Jewish people and all of the Land of Palestine is important to the Palestinian people.

Disbanding Palestinian Authority will lead to disaster – Eisenkot

Eisenkot is part of a party with right-wing members like Gideon Sa'ar and Ze'ev Elkin.

Israel must never again withdraw from Judea and Samaria - opinion

Reading of Oslo Accords shows Israel has territorial claims against the PA

Norway, EU and the Oslo Accords: Who is the real hypocrite? - opinion

If these countries were convinced that the Palestinian civil service organizations support terrorism, there is no doubt they would, based on their policies and laws, end their funding.


Norway, the EU are hypocrites when it comes to the Oslo Accords - opinion

Restoring funding for those organizations and ignoring their connections to Palestinian terror is in fact tantamount to giving sanctions and encouragement to Palestinian terror. 


Letters to the Editor June 29, 2022: Tempting Israel

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Patience is a virtue - and is greatly in demand

We have become conditioned to expect rapid responses to our needs, whether personal or global, and patience and tolerance are by definition part of a slow process.


Does Israel have a moral foreign policy?

Zionism and the Jewish people's return to sovereignty have presented Jews with ethical and moral dilemmas that were irrelevant for centuries.

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