Record-breaking dinosaur footprint appears on the coast of England - study

Measuring nearly one meter long, the footprint is the largest of its kind found in the English county of Yorkshire.

Titanosaurus' massive nesting sites, fossilized eggs uncovered in India

The fossil nests are part of one of the largest dinosaur hatcheries in the world, found in central India.

Diverse dinosaur fossils discovered in inhospitable South American valley

The fossilized remains, which consisted of teeth and post-cranial bone pieces, represent a diverse theropod community that lived up until the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction event.

Fossil algae predating land flora sheds light on plant kingdom

In recent years, Precambrian lifeforms have generated an ever-increasing interest because they revealed a rich eukaryotic diversity prior to the Cambrian explosion of modern animals.

Oldest dinosaur in Africa discovered in Zimbabwe - study

The research that went into these discoveries was published on Wednesday in Nature. Mbiresaurus was a sauropodomorph, a long-necked dinosaur, and is estimated to have been about six feet tall.

Oldest known humans started walking on two feet 7m. years ago - study

Researchers claim this discovery may contribute to how early humans split apart from apes to start their own evolutionary line.

Plesiosaurs inhabited freshwater in Morocco, researchers find - study

Fossils discovered in Morocco indicate that the ancient marine reptiles were adapted to freshwater conditions and may have spent their entire lives there.

A fossil of a dinosaur claw.

Study refutes claim T. Rex was three separate species

"Based on all the fossil evidence we currently have, T. rex stands alone as the single giant apex predator from the end of the Age of Dinosaurs in North America.”

New dino species discovery may explain why the T-Rex had tiny arms - study

The newly-discovered dino, the Meraxes gigas, was another predator that had a large skull and short arms like the Tyrannosaurus rex.


Hundreds of frogs died mid-sex in a swamp 45 million years ago - study

Irish paleontologists have uncovered why hundreds of fossil frogs were buried under an ancient swamp millions and millions of years ago.

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