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Fossils of oldest member of huge dinosaur group found in Argentina

The researchers said Ninjatitan demonstrated that the titanosaurs as a group first appeared longer ago than previously known.


Species of dinosaur 125 million years-old discovered in China

"These animals were quickly covered by fine sediment while they were still alive or just after their death," said paleontologist Pascal Godefroit of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

Scientists digitally reconstruct skull of mysterious Triassic reptile

As the scientists note, its "paleobiology remains contentious," some scientists believe it lived on land other stated that it was an aquatic-dwelling reptile.

Fossil of Microraptor, a four winged dinosaur which lived 120 million years ago

Israeli scholars find earliest proof of feather molt in flying dinosaur

One of the fossils clearly featured the marks of the feathers on the wings.

Kongonaphon kely is seen in what would have been its natural environment in an illustration

Modest insect-munching Madagascar reptile was forerunner to dinosaurs

"Evolution of gigantism from tiny ancestors is not uncommon in the fossil record."

Shaped stone ball from Qesem Cave

The culinary mystery behind shaped stone balls in Paleolithic Israel

The Qesem Cave was inhabited between 400,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Ancient fish had fingers, bridged the gap between aquatic and land animals

The study found that the first evolutionary pattern for the first version of a human hand appeared in fish before they left the water

Manot Cave (arrow in the image indicate where the foot was found)

Was a prehistoric ‘Magen David Adom’ fixing legs 35,000 years ago?

Study on a child's fractured bones finds that individuals must have taken care of the injury, allowing the child not only to survive but even to recover from the fracture.

The cover of Goldsmith’s book

A children's book to encourage young women to take an interest in science

Prof. Cwikel publishes "Mayufa and the Bone Lady", a children's book in English, Arabic and Hebrew on paleontology. The book encourages girls to engage into science.

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